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Power Punch II Review

Power Punch II is an application designed by Beam Software. Power Punch II was first published on . The app is available for Steam, Other.

It's the year 2006. You're Mark "Tough Guy" Tyler and you've just defended your your Heavyweight title from the 9th consecutive time. After demolishing the best boxers on the planet. It's now time to face-off with the best in the Universe. The Intergalactic Boxing Federation (IGBF) has invited you to go head-to-head with 12 of their greatest fighters.

From metallic Cyborgs, to heavy hitting mutants, you'll trade punches with opponents whose strength, stamina and speed are like nothing you've ever seen. (9763 Borg has a hook that could level a building. Granthnox 4 has a body that isn't like a tank, it is a tank!)

But you are "Tough Guy" a boxer whose legendary talents have brought aliens from across the cosmos to see you fight. Workout in the IGBF Training Ship to hone your skills to peak condition, then, when the bell ringts, show those intergalactic showboaters some real boxing... earth style. Snape those jabs, throw those combinations and deliver those hammer-like rights.

If pure technique doesn't stop these sluggers (and with the best of them it won't), get hold of those Power Punches. They'll guarantee to send your tin coated opponent to the junkyard and you to a new title: undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the Universe.

Power Punch II is a boxing game played in 3rd person view. Beat all 12 enemies and become the champion of the universe!

Power Punch II

4.2 / 5

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Author: Beam Software

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